Thursday, January 09, 2014

WABI-SABI - a must watch.

My friend Michael sent me two links 
well before Christmas.

He said that I was Wabi-Sabi  !
I opened the link and viewed a Ted Talk which I blogged about and shared the video/talk. 
Powerful stuff which I now use in facilitation.
I didn't, however, open the Wabi-Sabi link until a couple of days ago.
I was triggered to do this by another friend just mentioning Wabi- Sabi in conversation.
I have never heard these words mentioned EVER. Thank you David.

SO - I dive into the YouTube/Ted Talk and WOW.
So powerful and fits/enhances so much of my thinking/feeling/journey.
So I share with you.
In a couple of days I will share some text too - but I would love you to give time to watching this.

I am still recovering.
I don't ever want to recover!