Monday, July 21, 2014

#Drug #Addict has turned his life around with the help of the #YMCA.

  • BRIGHT FUTURE: Former YMCA resident Myron Meears has turned his life around. Picture: Abby Ruston
  • GREAT TO MEET UP: For the first time, YMCA Humber held a reunion for ex-residents of The Foyer project. A barbecue and afternoon of activities was enjoyed by all.
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A FORMER drug addict has turned his life around thanks to the help of the Grimsby YMCA.
Myron Meears, 19, of Brighowgate, can now look forward to a career in the Army after ditching his troubled past and looking to a much brighter future.
He, along with many others from the local YMCA, past and present, all met for a reunion at The Foyer, in Orwell Street, to celebrate where they all are today having fallen on tougher, harsher times earlier in life.
Myron lost his parents when he was 15 and decided he wanted to be in the forces.
He left his native North Yorkshire, and moved into the YMCA in Peaks Lane, in Grimsby.
He said: "I used to be into some bad habits, like drinking and drug taking but coming here really helped me out.
"I stopped smoking, drinking and taking drugs and when my head was right I decided to join the Army.
"Being at this reunion is strange because I look at some of the guys here and I think I used to be exactly like that.
"It's weird to see because I've been where they are and now I've got my head screwed on and know what I want out of life."

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