Friday, July 18, 2014

Zara Mcfarlane // Move // Single

Zara Mcfarlane // Move // Single 

Featuring the incredible Atjazz remix

Move’ was released digitally on the July 14th and is the third single from Zara McFarlane’s highly acclaimed second album ‘If You Knew Her’. Her instantly recognisable voice is truly on show as her vocal acrobatics stretch across both her melodies and her accomplished improvisations, accompanied by a sparse groove rife with tension and release. Zara weaves a tale of finding strength at a moment of uncertainty on which coasts over both Afro-Carribbean rhythms and a solid swing.

The B-side is another track from the album, ‘You’ll Get Me In Trouble’. A playful take on temptation – completely captivating yet deceptively simple. the delivery is heartfelt - it is no
surprise it went down such a storm on her recent Jools Holland performance.

To complete the summery package a suitably deep remix from Atjazz with full toned subs and a laid back beat sure to make even the most stubborn of heads start to nod. Atjazz brings something new to the table, serving up 8-bit flavours to compliment the jazzy concoction.