Monday, July 28, 2014

#GillesPeterson #Rio JR #Art #Brazil and #Music I love

Right at the start of his career, the teenage Gilles Peterson found himself spinning samba tunes in south London pubs. Three decades later, this Brazilian love affair took him to Rio de Janeiro to assemble a cross-section of local stars and musicians for a record titledBrasil Bam Bam Bam, released under the collective name Sonzeira. It's an album that celebrates the country's different musical styles – contributors range from the legendary Elza Soares (once married to the footballer Garrincha) to more electronic-influenced contemporary acts such as Lucas Santtana – at the same time as heeding the volatile emotions of the nation in this World Cup year.
Travelling with Peterson, as well as well as fellow producers including Dilip Harris and Rob Gallagher, was film-maker Charlie Inman, who with Ben Holman of Beija Films documented the trip. Visits into the favelas (where the team witnessed some amazing graffiti by the artistJR, as well as an extraordinary dancing baby) and to a local samba school ensued. 
You can watch an exclusive clip here.