Monday, June 20, 2016

What I do and LOVE to do

• I work experientially - not training people but sharing my own experiences and creating learning experiences in the sessions. My challenge is to encourage all to feel those experiences and to transpose them into their own lives/work.
• I do this using Blob Tree Materials, mini film clips, visuals, stories from my work/life and exercises which engage all in active interactions. I use large group activities and triads so there is always movement - ‘motion changes emotion’ - and feedback - always with fun in the mix to both stretch and relax.
• I always start easy and, depending on the group response, move on to more stretching experiences which raise awareness and develop skill. I  don’t have a set presentation but design a day with several standby options which I divert to depending on how the group respond/engage.
• The work/reflections in the triads is great because everyone is learning from one another.
• I have facilitated many training days with psychotherapists and counsellors.  A county council  300 ‘Family Workforce Team’ who deal with troubled families + 300 Teachers/Assistants + many smaller and larger events.

Specialising in Experiential Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Literacy, Managing emotions and managing my own behaviour to be able to assist others to manage their own, often vitally critical, behaviour.
Creating and using Blob Tree Materials to facilitate humans on their self determined life journey.