Sunday, June 12, 2016

BECOMING QUESTION Number 8 - here it is - can you consider an ANSWER?

Becoming Questions Number 8

If you have not been following in the last seven weeks
I have been asking you - and everyone else a Question.
ALL about YOU and the impact you can have
on your own soul
and others as they too are Becoming.

I don’t want questions to be easy.
I pose them to stretch.
To instigate an internal search
A google search of your life.

Taking a risk for your own development
Others of us as we read and learn from you.

This week ……..
I believe that your life deserves a book to be written.
Your inner life and your outer physical journey. 
Scars from past hurts ……. and much more.

Becoming Question Number 8 is::
When you write your story - biography, 
(not IF you write,
but when you write ……..)
1  What would be the title of your book?
2  AND why did you choose that title?

Please try to get your answer to me before 12 noon next Saturday.
If you can’t - send it anytime - in a year is better than never !
But I will publish your answers here next Saturday.

I aim to answer my own question first.
I haven’t a clue as I type now……….
I published my first autobiography in 1985
TITLE 'Gutter Feelings'.
My second one in 2014 - maybe my last biography, was titled::
'The Backstreets of Heaven’.
NOW I must decide on my next one …….

'Seeking the Shalom of the City’
(My favourite book of all time, by John Powell, has a title on the front cover and
the real/FULL  title on the back cover 
FRONT::   ‘Why am I afraid to tell you who I am.. ’
BACK::     ‘…because if I tell you who I am, and you don’t like who I am, that is all I have’ )
So I will use the same idea.

FRONT:: 'Seeking the Shalom of the City’
BACK::   ‘..and in it’s Shalom I will find my own Shalom’.
WHY? Shalom is a Hebrew word which translators into English have used the word ‘Peace’.
Shalom means much more than peace, quietness, no wars etc..
It is about wholeness - completeness - spiritually, relationally, socially, pshycoligically, emotionally, between women and men, between nations and creeds …… and more.
This next book is about how I have, and still do, yearn, stumble, fumble, stammer and strive to be a Shalom maker in all places & contexts. I believe that we find wholeness ONLY as we seek wholeness beyond ourselves.
It reminds me of the Mandela Quotation. 
“I don’t win or fail. - I win or learn”.


Over to you now.
What would be the title of your LIFE STORY?
And WHY?

I hope you will dig and respond - you are beautiful