Sunday, June 26, 2016

Becoming Question Number 10 - I am asking you a Question here. Why not have a go? in Becoming .....

Can I ask you a question?

I have been asking one question every week.
Becoming Questions Number 10

It is a privilege to have so many people participating -
sharing their experiences and reflections -
digging into their souls and letting go …….
Thank you to you.
Welcome to new people willing to have a go.

This weeks Question is::

If your home was bombed and you had to flee your country 
and sail across the sea in a rubber boat with your family - 
what one object would you want to keep safe to take with you? and WHY?

This question is asking you to enter into your imagination
into an experience you have never had
and never shall experience.
It is a deep question, asking what is most valuable to you.

In an older version of this question,
which I have asked to thousands of people,
it was about your home burning down
and what one object would you rescue ?
(Pets and Family are safe)
I used to always say::
My 1950 Rock-Ola Juke Box - not easy to carry but it is precious to me.
BUT I want to request that you answer the one about your bombed home.

I will collate the answers next Saturday for you all to see.
Blessings to you as you journey within ……….