Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Many of these #BECOMING questions come out of years of leading group work in hostels where young people live because they have no better place to live. From Care. From Prison. From Street. From Rows at home - if they ever had a home.
Depending on the climate of trust, many take the opportunity to share real deep (hidden) experiences/feeling because they have never had an opening before.
I guess that is what I am aiming at with these #Becoming Questions. I believe it is important to share when we have the chance because bottled up emotions can damage their container.
Part of becoming is joining the dots between our outer exposed/known life and our inner being.

Can I ask you a question?
Becoming Question Number 7
‘Will you share two shots of happy and one shot of sad?

Here are my Two shots of happy, one shop of sad. 
Like you I guess we have lots Sad/Happy in or short or longer life. 
So my Happy x 2 and Sad x 1 - I will choose my first 
HAPPY when I was asked to be a leader when as a 15 year old. Undeservingly be I was a disruptive member of a youth group. I was valued, accepted, encouraged and affirmed. 
SAD - I never knew my Dad who died in his early 50’s when I was about 16/17. I knew and felt his volcanic temper. His leather belt left marks on all four sons. I never got to know him - never had a conversation I can remember. HAPPY - I will choose one more recent experience but not choosing the many I had & have with our beautiful family including our two Granddaughters (Love em). I have visited Armenia twice working with young people. The second visit changed my life because the experience convinced me to leave my job, as leader of the Romford YMCA community, and go freelance working with groups & teams Nationwide and Worldwide. 
Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable so Happy is always a place of stretch and challenge for me.