Saturday, June 04, 2016

Becoming Questions:: Number 6 - the soul searching ANSWERS.

I am asking you a question every week
Becoming Questions

A question to you and everyone who will contribute.
They are aimed at your becoming
And as others read and soak in the answers - their becoming.

So many have contributed and I thank you so much.
Powerful - soul-searching reflections.

Becoming Question Number 6 
is here and the answers.

The question this week was::
If you HAD to have a tattoo in the centre of your right palm
what Quote /Word or Symbol would you choose?
AND why you have decided on this one?


The tattoo I would have would be a semi colon. A semi colon comes in a sentence when the author could have chosen to finish the sentence; instead, they keep writing to create a different end. This is particularly important to me. I have survived 2 serious suicide attempts. People turning up who should have been in another place in the country, etc. I'm alive, and able to tell the tale. 
I would say I'm not just alive, but I'm now living. It's been many years since that time, and I would be lying if I said I'd never considered it since, but my life is different now and I'm doing great things. I've used my experience and turned it around, to develop empathy and understanding of others as well as a defining belief that change is possible. 
My life could have ended, it changed instead. So I would have a semi colon tattoo to remind me; always keep going, change is possible, and to remind myself how far I've come!!
I think I will get a tattoo at some point, maybe not on my palm, but I will get a semi colon as part of it. (The idea came from the semi colon project, where many others have done this already!!)
No name

'I come in peace' ... Partly cos I'm a sci-fi nerd but mainly cos I want to love people.

I would tattoo: 'Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.'
The quote is attributed to Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib. It is appropriate to have that on your hand. Even if people mistreat you, they should learn from your dignity during this.

In my right palm I'd have tattooed "Forgive Me." 
The older I get, the less I want to speak. Our culture dismisses aging: We put old people into hospitals, nursing care facilities, funeral homes. The "old" grow irrelevant and invisible to many. Our voices become babbling noise to some. "Forgive me for bothering you." "Forgive me for interrupting." "Forgive me for not speaking." The young, trained to be mortified of "strangers," find us "creepy." Can't they see that they, too, are hurtling down this path? That the Beatles were right about the end: "the love you take is equal to the love you make”?

The tattoo I would have would be Mum done in beautiful colour. I lost my mum 3 years ago. She was my life. She was my soul mate. I lived with her all my life and we did everything together. Part of me died when she passed but I take comfort that I will see her again. 

With questions like this I I usually go with whatever springs to my mind first without thinking and then consider why and try to make sense of it. So what immediately sprang to mind was Namaste which roughly translates to 'I honour and respect he light and life within you', this would remind me to honour that in me and others.
No name

I love to read about and find out about the meanings of Celtic signs. This Celtic sign means endless pathways and represent eternity & never ending love, faith, loyalty & friendship. It is, as some say, “a metaphor for life!”  Jesus offers us life, eternity, never ending love, faith loyalty & friendship and so I have tried my best, through my heart-felt faith, offered same to others. Even if those to whom I have given myself decide to treat me badly I never ever withdraw my commitment to them. No matter what. It is their choice to withdraw but not my choice. So my door is forever open to them. One person I cared about walked on a very stony pathway for many years and withdrew. I did not. After her harsh walk experience she contacted me and we are very good friends again and I’m still listening to her, affirming her, celebrating her achievements. She learned much from her stony walk - as do we all. It is how my life has been and will continue to be. Just as Jesus offers all those gifts I continue to offer them to others. Simples.

My tattoo - I would choose the Blob with a red heart with arms open wide. Because...
The openness it portrays, would be a constant reminder to me that I need to remain open no matter what age or situation  that I find myself in, wanting to become closed and defensive

I hope you are well. My name is Simran, I'm 16 years old and I aim to create unity and oneness of humanity in the world and professionally I aim to become a psychiatrist. Thus, I appreciate what you do! In answer to your question I would say that I would have the word "co-exist" on the palm of my right hand due to the fact that we should all adopt some more love and should all be more accepting and loving. 

A tattoo on the palm of my right hand? It would be the word Hope.
Why? Because with hope ......there are possibilities.

If I had a tattoo on the palm of my hand, it would say:
'Don't let what people say/do get to you, you know yourself and that's enough, let God or be your own source of happiness'. 
I chose this quote because it means a lot to me,I feel as though people need to understand that they shouldn't let other people poison their day based on how other people's opinion or how they have treated them. Forgiving people is a big thing for me and is something that helps me move on and Grow as a  person. The only people, in my opinion, that won't let you down or make you unhappy is you as a person, as well as God. Some people may feel as though God won't make them happy, but in my opinion my religion does. As well as you know yourself, should summon up the fact that other people's opinions or assumptions shouldn't bring you down.

What a question! So many possible options; I've had to think long and hard. In fact, I've just erased my original response because, as I wrote, I found it no longer truly applied...I'm secure in the knowledge of God's forgiveness without needing it etched on my palm...but what alternatIve? Hmmm, perhaps the words, 'you are worth everything' (I know, it's not a single word) so that when I meet people, shake hands or greet them, they have the opportunity to ask why and I can love and encourage them...
Sounds a bit twee when I read it back, but in a society where negativity and loneliness abound, how fabulous to share something positive.

Tattoo questions great pip, my answers a little cheesy and a bit more Anglican than I might like, but it would be 'peace be with you' that way everytime I shook someone's hand it'd be like praying and passing not on God's peace..... Have thought about that one before!

My trademark is a whale, not just any whale, but one I have been drawing since I was 12 years old. Why? My last name is 'Whale'n. All my life everyone has asked me how to spell my last name (And my first for that matter) and I would always say, " It's a whale with an N at the end!" But I already have my whale tattoo on my back which I LOVE! So...what tattoo would I put on the palm of my right hand? I think I would have a handwritten message from each of my Grandmothers' letters they wrote me saying they were praying for me. I would also try to include messages from my parents. 
Why?  Family and faith is important to me. I loved receiving the hand written letters from my grandmas (my grandfathers died when I was 4 so I barely remember them)over the years and their beautiful words of encouragement to spur me on in my faith and in my life. My parents give me beautiful cards all the time for every occasion expressing their love for me. When my parents die, which could be soon,  I will have no one left who loves me uncondtionally (except God)!
So I would love a reminder everyday of this love my family had for me to continue to spur me on in my life without them. I want the incredible legacy -the hard times too- to be imprinted on me so I can remember to share that legacy of faith and love with those that come behind me. When I get sad and lonely I want to see their words and know they are in my heart forever and are watching me from above. In addition, cursive writing here in Canada is becoming obsolete. I feel there is something special seeing peoples' personal handwritten lines. I even bought an old book at an antique store once because I was intrigued by the inscription in the front cover handwritten in fountain pen ink! Cursive writing is unique to each of us and unique to my family. Seeing their writing brings me comfort. I will need comfort when they are gone! When I am lost I will look at the palm of my right hand and find my way once again.

If I had a tattoo on the palm of my right hand it would be: "God is in control!” 
BECAUSE: If have to remind myself sometimes. Live often seems not to be this way, if you walk with open senses through our world. But I also know that strong power of faith! So I have to remember that he is in control and I just have to let go and let him take over. Considering my right hand, which is the one I do the most things with, it´s also good to remember, that it´s not only in my potential to make thing work or keep them going. It also says: If God is in control, it´s not (only) my power which makes things work.
No Name

HOPE would be the tattoo on the palm of my right hand
In a hectic life. Bombarded by the media about everything wrong and bad in the world it is easy To focus on all the negatives
On a personal and global level I often find that I am loosing Or have lost
But I could always find it quickly again
By looking at the palm of my right hand
HOPE is not just Personal 
But also Social
Enjoy (life)
The wheel of Hope to share
 Thanks Pip for stimulating me to think.

Been thinking long and hard about this one, sorry if it's too late… I'd go with forgiven, as my one word tattoo.. ( not that I'd ever get it done for real) because it's the biggest and best gift ever given, has the most life changing consequences and it's been given to me, no matter what! 

So many choices, but I think I would have the words “You ARE good enough..” as a reminder to me and to anyone else I came into contact with… because this world can be a harsh place to live in and it’s easy to put ourselves down and believe negative things about ourselves and it is important to remind ourselves we are actually good enough… more than good enough...and to let others know they are good enough too

question 6 in my right palm i would have tattooed "you have a vision and  a goal , just do it". this would be reminder to me to stop procrastinating and do it. To take the challenge and move it on.

I can’t resist it. I have thought of so many images - styles of writing/text for my tattoo. I was planning on just using the Word ‘Shalom' which has so much meaning to me ….. BUT ……. I must go with ‘You are Beautiful’ I would ask Ian Long, my long term friend a Blob Partner, if he would style the hand crafted text - to create these three words beautifully. BUT ALSO
I would want the spelling to be wrong. I would want it to say ‘You are Beautyfull’ - because I believe we are all Beautiful Imperfection’ - I want it to be a beautiful tattoo but imperfect! - Like me - Like you …….
AND I would offer my had in a high five or hand shake to everyone - as an imperfect offering - beautifully.


Powerful communication from you soul-serching-writers.
Thanking you so much