Monday, June 20, 2016

BECOMING Question Number 9 - here for your consideration and encouragement to answer - in your Becoming.

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I am one day late this week
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BUT please read the Answers to Question 8 below
Powerful authentic beautiful reflections…..

'Jo Cox MP’  member of the UK Parliament 
was murdered last Thursday in the street of her home town.
Stabbed and shot.
The first woman member of Parliament in history to be murdered.

Will you share the experience of how you first heard about her murder
and your feelings and thoughts over the following days?

(If you could avoid sharing ‘opinions’ and share your own experiences & feelings - that would be special)

I will share mine first as I usually do::

On the Wednesday I had been working at Kings College in London and had met my friend Oyvin from Norway who was coming to stay with us for a few days.
On the following day back home, on this tragic Thursday, I collected MrsBeautiful from the train following her weekly sleep-over with our Grandchildren.
"There has been a person stabbed and shot in a street in Yorkshire" she said as she arrived home, greeting Oyvin and unpacking. She had picked up some news online as she was travelling. We turned on the TV and watched, stilled, as the story unfolded.
The three of us watched and were caught up in the details of the attack. The news changed rapidly as the person attacked had died, and this murdered woman was in her early forties - and then she was a Mother of two young children and then a member of Parliament since last year. Oyvin was picking up the news on his iPhone from Norway. We tuned into CNN on TV and it hit us harder and deeper that this was being felt by people world wide. I became emotional as I am now as I type and feel again …..
I never knew her, never knew of her but as news of her life was disclosed, my feelings were touched deeper. She was a global citizen. Committed and passionate for human kind - in her own town, constituency and the whole world, including refugees.
Oyvin, himself with massive International experience with the Norwegian YWCA/YMCA and Ulsteinvik Folk High School, was deeply moved and I felt it through him too.
Jo Cox was a person with a big heart beyond the humans she knew and met. She was a passionate worker for justice worldwide and THAT and so many other aspects of her life ….. we could hold hands.
I could say much more but one last experience to share. Friday Oyvin and I went to Canterbury Cathedral. That very place where a person was murdered back in time, and as I sat quietly in this big bustling historic place of worship, surrounded by hundreds of tourists - and I felt deep sorrow for Jo Cox, this young Mum of two young children, murdered because of who she was. I wept again - and I Tweeted as I sat there::  
"Sat in #Canterbury #Cathedral *still tearful for #JoCox. *Sometimes the #tears are inside. *Sometimes the leak out. “ 


Over to you.
I will love to read your feelings and experiences about this - your unique context - your unique feelings.

I will publish the answers Saturday coming and offer a new question on Sunday.