Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I can see your behaviour but who are you?

..... the only way to see beyond behaviour is developing intimacy - getting close by sharing - 
beyond talking FACTS 
to the deeper sharing of

I call this Level Five communication which is a skill to develop ONLY if we start ....... we need to decide before it happens.

It includes sharing vulnerabilities as well as strengths.

One of my questions I ask often is::
"What are the most significant events / crossroads / decisions in the whole of your life"?
Everyone starts to Google their lives and wondrous reflections flow ......

A follow up question can be::
"Same question - about NOW - the three most significant things in your life now"?

This is some sort of intimacy which two people can share together - we learn from one another and a better relationship flows + we develop the skill of self-revelation - dropping the mask-of-the-day ............
BECOMING  more real with self & others.
Relationships building ............ 

You are beautiful 
Like all of us 
Beautiful Imperfection .............. let us grow together eh?