Saturday, December 02, 2017

'Presence and availability are the essence of love' Gabriel Marcel

'Presence and availability
are the essence of love'
Gabriel Marcel 

Apart from anger at injustice,
which motivates social action,
anger can often be so destructive
to an individual and relationships.

It all comes out of the Hard Drive
in our head = the Brain.
Emotions travel faster to the HD
than the thought process.
More-so in adolescence.

In certain situations the anger fades quickly.
Others live with it for much longer.

I believe and experience many humans 
becoming aware and skilled in this area.
Emotional Intelligence can be developed.

My work with groups is a challenge. 
Not only do I aim to communicate 
but I aim to create an environment and opportunity 
for everyone there to communicate. 
Yes listening! 
Yes verbally and non-verbally 
expressing themselves.