Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Off for a week facilitating at a conference.

A little reflection here.
Back in the day when I went off for a week facilitating at a conference.


Drive away from family
6 Motorways
Many roads
Dorset beautiful
Gaunts House stunning
Downton Abbey-sh
bit more worn.

Peppermint tea on constant tap
Rural entering my Urban soul
classic environment
Love the beauty around me
especially the humans.

'Home' for so many
an in-crowd 
with 'in' jokes
but not exclusive.
warm welcoming 
no walls but
Open hearts and minds
welcoming me into their cultural norms.

Lots of people
know of my work
or read my 'ABOUT' on my www
Some approaching
some waiting to be approached.

I warm immediately
to those who carry wounds, scars.
That's me.
Natural affinity 
as 'Over the Rhine' sing
'All my favourite people are broken'.

I delight with those who have travelled
a road less travelled
and yet so many them 'qualified'
and working professionals
in front facing people work
carrying their own wounds.
LOVE IT love it.

A week of workshops for me
(and a couple of plenary's)
One workshop every morning
same time
same group
all week - 
and same every afternoon.

I love the opportunity to go deep.
Journey through norming storming
with groups building a climate of trust
to be able to take risks .......
for their own development.

I used the Blob Tree Tools
in the process.
Some familier with a minority of tools
others, even counsellors,
had never discovered Blobology.