Monday, December 18, 2017

For years I have compiled an album of favourite music. Once it was sending a cassatte tape out to everyone .....

........ then it was updated to CD's mailed out around the world - NOW I don't do that but here is the list from my PLAYLIST on my Mac + iPhone - growing throughout the year -  now come to an end with 2017.

Some are a track from an album but I don't buy much music now-a-days. 
I capture radio programmes - listen often to them, about 50 hours each week, then I delete or sometimes save one track for my year collection.

21 tracks here. 
Some have a few words of introduction. These are when a DJ or interviewee who speaks deeply about a song, putting it into context - 
I love that.
So you get the meaning of a song from the artiste or fan.

There are two songs on here my Louis Armstrong for instance about his song 'What a wonderful world' but with different intros by different humans .............. truly magic music.

This music is me.
By artistes but because I am touched by the music - it is all me.