Saturday, December 30, 2017

Back in the day I always carried atounf my leather backed A5 Diary/Planner .......


It is an iPhone nowadays but then I loved my 'always with me'.
I could draw in it.
Doodle on my appointments.
Compose quotes which still live on - and within me.

It had many dividers made of thicker material than the pages.
Each divider had different poems/quotes/inspirational items.
Some - as the above , had Pipturesques.
I found it recently.
Scanned it for you.

Some of the humans I can't remember their names.
Others are welded into my soul.

That's what happens.
People enter my life and stay there.
I have learned from them.
Thier strengths
Their weaknesses ...............

I am certain they will have learned from mine too.

The roses & the thorns
make us 

Thats how I like it
IF we don't like it
we have to lump it!

Both are all about being human.