Sunday, December 31, 2017

I asked MrsBeautiful a question today...................

I asked MrsBeautiful a question today.

I am asking you the same question.
If you cant reply & tell me?
that’s OK
BUT can you tell someone else?
If you can’t -  thats ok too.
BUT if you write it out for your eyes only
that’s good because, I believe, it makes it more real/powerful !

Internalising the answer is not as good
it is better than not answering because 
my questions don’t have a right/wrong answer.
They are ::
Developmental questions.
Growth questions

The question is::
What has been the most significant year in the whole of your life?
AND why?

MrsBeautiful answered beautifully.
Then I dug out mine from a whole collection of options.

I will not tell you mine today.
But I will.

Answers to me via email 
(see my ‘CONTACT’ if you don’t know it)
or via Twitter or Facebook Text - anyway.