Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A knive and aggression with it ........... and why we need a Youth Work Service

A reflection from years ago when I was new in a Youth Work Project.

It was my second night in club & it was my big showdown.
I had to be rescued by a volunteer youth worker who had been acting leader before I came. 
I was in a confrontation without having had time to establish a relationship.

Young fifteen-year-old Johnny had handed his knife in to the leaders as he entered the club - following a hard fought dialogue.
At the end of the club he demanded it back. 
My reasonable suggestion was to hand it back to him at the door on the way out. This was met by my first confrontation, and it shook me to the roots. 

Such power, will, determination, psychological dominance and aggression! 
In ten years full-time youth work I had never met such psychologically strong kids.

Life was tough in the inner-city and this is an example of the toughness & strength as young teens strive to survive.

There were many more such confrontations to be experienced - not as bad because I had time to establish a helping relationship.

My heart pounds as I reflect back.
My heart still pounds NOW in my mission with beautiful humans struggling in life.