Sunday, May 27, 2018

Trapped inside the hurts continue the lightening strikes twice the thunder is in our sleeping hours ..... MORE

I am thinking how the
lightening is followed by delayed thunder.
How a situation/conflict/interaction
can be followed by delayed and powerful feelings
rumblings which can go on and on .....

Sometime the feelings from an incident
can be more powerful than the incident itself.

I am planning to write about this
giving examples from my life.
It is a massive need to address
emotional intelligence and emotional health.

All of us carry pressures, often stress,
which can be an ever tightening
metal band around our chest
squeezing the emotion out of our life -
whilst we carry on pretending all is well.
Of course.

Most humans I work with who have social issues
relational/behavioural/compulsive/aggressive issues,
are driven by
a wounded soul
a inbox rammed with feelings
and no tools in the toolbox
to enable them to manage life
- which good for themselves
- and good for other humans and society.

I desire intimacy
(the first three words in my book 'Pip Wisdom')
because I believe that when we get
intimate/close/L5/open/revealing with each other
we can then bond together in the reality
of our strengths/weaknesses/wounds and loves.

This year I have had a great number of beautiful humans
who have opened up to me about the lighting and thunder
which they experience inside/secret
and of course it is confidential.

They tell me because they see an open door, 
someone who is a helping friend,
not a distant professional - but someone who can,
at least, receive/listen/understand and love.

The spilling is a great act in itself.
Trapped inside the hurts continue
the lightening strikes twice
the thunder is in our sleeping hours
and our relaxation times -
not going away ..........
disturbing our soul .....

If these few words touch you in some way
go seek a person in your life
who you can trust - and talk about it.
Please don't lock it in.
Live like there is nothing wrong.

We may feel we are cracking up
and really
we can be cracking open.