Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dip your toe into my feelings written on a TRAIN

I am on a Train.
I am not nervous
I am focused
I am not stressed
I am not pressured
I am calm
I am on a Train.

I am on the edge
I am in the centre
I am prepared
I am on a Train.

I have done all I can
I am flexible
I am free
I am on a Train.

I am going to a gig
I will play my part
I expect the spectacular
Humans becoming
Taking risks for development
Humans stretched
Humans blessed
I am on a Train.

I don't expect all to go as planned
I expect to busk it at times

I am on a Train. L2
I am feeling beautiful (imperfection) L4
These humans are stars L3
Oscar deserving stars L3
I feel vulnerable L4
.... but I believe that the most valuable human gifts are rooted in vulnerability L5

( search this website with

'L5' or 'Level Five' & 
you will get some good stuff about L5)

I am on a train ..................

This was hand written on the train
It is over
12+ hour day and beautifully satisfying

Remembering  the weekend just gone?
I was not relaxed
I was in a place called uncomfortable.

After that I was cool and even in the travel
and the midst of the day
totally committed.
I do that
I have the tension in the prep.

But I return to 44 new e Mails and 150 before that
that is when I get the pressure
I love the focus
the work with humans
it is the other stuff ............

How do you like the photos
fab fab fab