Thursday, May 17, 2018

I don't see skin colour .................

I don’t see skin colour.

I do see peoples skin
but my focus is on the face of a human.
Any human. Whoever they are.

50% of the communication emanating from that person is in the FACE.

These words are about how understand it.
Understand myself.
Where I am at ……………. BECOMING………..

I look for the deeper person
and sense their ease / unease beyond their facial expression.

It’s like ……….
I have been striving / learning for years to see beyond the behaviour of a person.
I am in this place because I have faced some terrible behaviour -
I hate it but I have had to strive get to grips with it and my own feelings.

It is just like::
If we concentrate on the persons clothes - see them, talk about them & stop there.
I would be so superficial.
We all see the exterior of a person - but that is not the ‘beyond the skin’ person - which is their style of the day.
I see & feel - rage anger aggression violence because it has been in my face but ………
I aim to see through behaviour to the persons feelings, soul, centre ………..

When we are confronted by difficult behaviour - THINK
(FEELINGS travel to the brain 4 times faster than thinking)
THINK - not just about OUR own feelings but how the person before us is feeling.
Their feeling - which is driving their behaviour.
That’s why I don’t see skin colour.
I notice it.
Take consideration of it but
I see through it to connect with the beautiful human inside - beyond what I see = BHP.