Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Game called 'ONE' ......... U2 can do it ............


A GAME .........


This game is called 'The One Game'.
It is one of the most powerful ones you can use - 
powerfully positive.

It can be used in a group with six to twelve humans - not less than six.
I have used it with 30,000 humans - all self dividing into groups of about ten.
I have used this game in many nations of the world - with the same dynamic impact.

It needs some build up and a developed climate which is right for such an activity.

It can be good at the end of a;
Youth Camp
Rolling Magazine
Training Course
Fun Day
Sports Day
and for Team Building


Everyone is briefed and encouraged to do it with seriousness for the greater impact.
It is encouraged that there is no talking throughout to enhance the feelings.

In groups of about ten, one person lies down in the centre of a circle with eyes closed as the other group members stand around the vollunteer.

When the music starts - 'One' by U2, "We get to carry each other" are the lyrics.
Then all group members lift the person slowly, very slowly, up as high as they can - and down again slowly -
all in silence.

Silently the person gets up from the centre of the circle and another volunteer takes their place.
And repeated - until all have had a go. All are ENCOURAGED not directed. All volunteers but always there is full participation.

It is wonderful to see the group silently supporting each other by the stronger ones taking the heavier parts of the human frame.
It is great to see the heaviest of men being lifted by a more slightly built group of committed humans.
All the time - the music plays on and is only faded out when all have had an opportunity.

When everyone, every group, have finished it is good to get everyone in their groups to share the feelings experienced.
ALWAYS a powerful experience.



It is an experiential game - you chose the right occasion.
It produces profound feelings and sometimes tears of beautifulness.
It is good to allow/encourage all to chat quietly to reflect on the experience with another.
Allow lots of time so it is not rushed.
It has got to be experienced and words of explanation will not give it justice. 
I have used it for years - designing it to build a community, togetherness and belonging.