Monday, August 13, 2018

How to be a Grandparent?

You may know that I ask Questions.
I encourage questions the other way too.

Someone asked me this one::
How do you get to be an (obviously) terrific grandparent? 
And I have asked you this...... 
as one of my offspring is in labour right now.......
so I'm about to be a grandparent.....
yet again! ....and....
I'm not sure that I've got it right yet........... 
Got another other grandchildren.....but….I need hints and tips!
IN YOUR OPINION......what makes a GOOD Grandparent?
I never give advice - see my answer to a question above. 
So no advice from me but what I believe in, and try to do, is - 
When our daughters left home I decided I would never give advice. 
Respond warmly to any questions, 
talk about what I / we have done in the past - 
both mistakes AND positive outcomes. 
(Don’t we all learn from mistakes!) 
Being active and supportive is special for everyone. 
Mutual support is given - which is a beautiful experience. 
We never interfere and only respond when asked. 
The Grandchildren, parents, grandparents - we all need support at different times. 
AND love - 
we love our own children and grandchildren to aching 100% - 
yet this, 
even this, 
must never become oppressive...............