Friday, August 24, 2018

‘A Psalm of Lament’

Below is one titled ‘A Psalm of Lament’.  This and one other can be found on the WLM website:
A Psalm of Lament
God who seems to have two faces:
Blind and wicked spirit of heaven;
Blessing and wondrous spirit above;
Why is life a lottery?
Why is it that some have more
and others have less?
Some people have no one to love them.
How can life be balanced?
Should you reap what you sow?
What does equality mean?
We are not all the same.
People who have wealth
should share and use it.
Everyone should be able to have treats.
The poles are melting,
Greed is destroying things.
We need to live in harmony.
Does anyone care?
Send us angels of mercy.
Enable people to build themselves up.
Let us not give up
but look to the future.
May we begin where we are
in small ways,
Persevere through the new challenges,
Keep hope alive.