Friday, August 03, 2018

"I reacted with emotion without thinking" - VIOLENCE - VIDEO for you.

This movie ad
I saw this movie in central London a few years ago.
I was with a gang leader.

It was highly disturbing to him
It challenges 
estiblished norms.

Violence breeds violence.

We in the UK
can learn from
and other cities/Nations.

Watch it feel it
It is powerful ......................

Demetrius Cole, 43, spent 12 years in prison. 
He grew up in an area of Chicago afflicted by violence and, at the age of 15, 
saw his best friend die in a shooting. 
Nonetheless, he had a stable home life and stayed out of gangs. 

He planned to join the Marines. 
When he was 19, a close friend bought a car. 
Some other boys from the neighbourhood tried to steal the car, and shot Cole's friend. 
Cole didn't stop to think. 
He retaliated. 
In those few minutes, his life changed. 
His friend was left paralysed, and Cole was sent to prison. 

"I reacted off emotion like you see out here today,” 
he says. 

Since October 2017, he has been working for Cure Violence in West Englewood, 
a South Side district of Chicago. 
He finds people in the same situation he was once in, 
and tries to persuade them to pause. 

"We try to show them this is a dead end. I tell them, 
there's only two ways this thing is going to end. 

You're going to go to jail or you're going to die?’"