Friday, December 21, 2018

Managing my BECOMING and the emotions in my head.

Managing my BECOMING
the emotions in my head. 

I do a SWOT analysis on myself.
Managing the emotions and 
the ‘what to do’s’ 
in my head. 

(SWOT = 
Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities and Threats.) 
I want to focus on life right now. 

I use a template (enclosed) 
Starting with my Weaknesses, 
a list of the negatives in my life. 
Owning them is so vital.

You have a go as you read this eh? 

Then move to Strengths - 
the positives in our life. 
They too are vital to 'own’.  
The Strengths and Weaknesses 
are about NOW. 

Moving onto the 
Opportunities and Threats 
= both of these are
looking into the future, 
both + and - in terms of positive steps to 
avoid the threats whilst 
focusing on the positives.
END with Opportunities (positive thinking)