Thursday, December 13, 2018

uyani persson ebuku

Uyani persson ebuku. 

I was then just dropping some bottles in the bank in the Brewery, 
to make sure you understand this - 
the Romford Brewery is now a big shopping complex and car park and ideal for bottle banking. 

Then I heard "Ebuku" and turned around to see Hassan my friend who was a resident at the ymca and now lives in one of the ymca town centre flats. 
I reply in Albanian "Uyani persson ebuku" and he introduces me to Lola "this is my wife" very proudly. 
She too is Albanian speaking from Kosava like Hassan. So I repeat my only Albanian to her "Uyani persson ebuku" and she smiles and, honestly, she understands. 

Building relationships is never lost. 
A bump into them is beautiful and precious . 

( uyani persson ebuku = you are a beautiful human person)