Tuesday, December 04, 2018

My journey into loving Norway & Norwegians

I traveled to Norway first in 1993.
To facilitate in a residential school for young people who came straight out of school for one full year. 
They choose to undertake this year out to experience LIFE.
They have no examinations
no academic studies etc.
It is all sport. dance, music,
journeys abroad,
new experiences, living in a close community and a little input from myself -
all things emotional development.
Becoming ................
Around Norway, and some other Scandinavian countries,
there are these Folk High Schools.
I have worked with the staff from all over Norway
but mainly the students at
Sunnmøre Folk High School (SUFH), Ulsteinvik, Norway
Students then go on to University
or other training or employment.
It is a great model for social, spiritual and emotional learning during a crucial year of their lives.
What I facilitate is:
Build a climate of trust using games and exercises, 
Draw them in deeper to self disclosure in fun ways, 
and then process through several experiential exercises to raise awareness and develop empathy, awareness and skills.

“Who looks outside, dreams. 
Who looks inside, awakens”.  
Carl G. Jung

I also lead a late night iMusic Show
with maximum participation.
It is a mixture of us all sharing music tracks and telling stories beyond simple significance. 
It is wondrous Level Five stuff with music.
Music so powerful
Music so emotional
Music - feelings without words
I love it.

“It is a sign of intimate friendship, 
when speech flows freely
from the heart”.