Tuesday, December 11, 2018

L5 in a Taxi - I little true story that connects deeply with me emotionally

If you know me a little - 
you will know about my journey into my inside.
Interior life.
The soul of me.
The soul of you
and all I meet.

I read as much as I can about the expressions of emotion.

That is why I post the words below.
By a London Taxi Cab driver about how he encounters L5 communication.

This one hit me between the eyes
So beautiful

'Passengers treat me like a temporary psychotherapist Sacha, black-cab driver, 50  
Most conversations I have in my black cab are very simple: how's your day, how's the weather, how's the traffic, that sort of thing. 
But occasionally ....................

I'll have an interaction that stays with me. 
The most memorable one was on 26 September 2006, 
which happens to be my birthday. 
A young woman in her late 20s got in. 
When I asked how her day had been, 
she burst into tears. 
She told me that her baby had died in the womb, 
and she was trying to start a charity to help parents who experience stillbirths. 
I told her that it was my first day back at work, 
because my wife had just miscarried our twins. 

I pulled over and we both just sat and sobbed together. 
The resulting conversation helped me during a very difficult time. 
I'm not an emotional person, 
but that took me by surprise.