Monday, May 24, 2021

At LAST we managed to get out to meet our best of friends

…… it has been a long year of missing meeting up. 
Friends so permanent but had been at a distant for so long. 
I felt nervous that I could not be there, enjoy. 
Have the energy but we did it. 
I did it!

This cancer is a spoiler. I have lost appetite. 
I felt weak when we had done. 
But loved it all the same. 

Two hospital appointments this week ahead. 
Experts striving to find the best treatment for me. 

Thank you if you read me in this space. 
I appreciate. 
I have not been as consistent but still want to be open & honest with you. 
Being reflective with myself is important. 
Not hiding the reality of feelings. 

I will keep you in touch with my inner & outer journey as well as I am able.