Monday, May 31, 2021

Out of the blue comes BLESSING to this battered old Youth Worker

I recon I was aged 15 when I became a Youth Worker.
Someone saw something in me which was more than a participant - more of a leader!

So I was entrusted with challenges as I facilitated developmental activities with teenagers younger than myself.
60 years on, only pausing for pandemics and such - i have crossed paths with many beautiful humans = and then I get a message this week which hits me for six.
Stings on both cheeks.(THE LOVE KIND OF STING)
I am blessed - it Blesses me as I sit here with cancer rocking my boat (I don’t feel well at the moment) - and I have been given permission to publish here.

I have not seen him since 1985 (or maybe years before?)
There is so much more to share about Rob - he has a fantastic memory from his experiences at the Mayflower Youth Work.

Thanks Rob for this, (I am planning to ask him to share some stories - back in the day).

Thanks to Rob and so many other BHP’s who have held hands with me over the years.
I am rich - beyond beyond ……………..