Monday, May 17, 2021

Pip Cancer UPDATE.


Sorry about my lack of responses to you and others re my health and especially cancer.

Everything normal has been disrupted but here are a few updates. 
I have been living with pain for a year or more.
The biggest hit has been in the past month.

I have not been able to sit or sleep some nights -  all kinds of medication have been tested during the recent period - but prostate cancer has progressed to bone cancer 
The first few days of May included not being able to sleep at night or sit during the days. Several meds have bee tried on me and at the is moment, for the first time =  TODAY I don’t feel pain. 

BUT I am on a mixture of 'prolonged release tablets' plus ‘acute pain tablets’ which will need to end in due course! 
GOUT also has hit me again after years - ! Just two days pain here! - I used to get this regularly back in the day when I was conducting training courses - always pumping too much adrenaline 

I am continuing, for life, with my three monthly Hormone injections

Today is the first day I have been able to write, focus, plan and have the opportunity to have a telephone conversation with my oncologist.

If you have any spare prayers - please feel free to use them on me.

Pip Wilson BHP