Saturday, June 11, 2005

Joy on Eurostar - knitting as she does when she travells the world ......... iPod too of course!

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............ well - Big John wants a gig review - how can a man do that with his head blown away by this set list* ........ see 'the' review on ........ if you are a member of the U2-Website Family you get lots of goodies.

Just in case you have just tuned in to pipdot blog planet - I am in Brussels with daughter Joy and loving her and loving it. The idea was to get here for the FIRST;
European leg Gig 2005
Outdoor/Stadium Concert Vertigo Tour 2005

On one side of me, as I stood in the mix stand, there was Gavin Friday who is a big Bono friend and on my right Natalie Imbruglia .... ..... amazing how celebs and well known humans gather for events such as this ........ it is is easy to be in awe of such people but they coped with my celebrity very well :-)

Snow Patrol hammered away as little dots under an massive screen - not one spotlight was passed over them. It was daylight and stayed so for half of the U2 gig as well. They tell me that it will be like that in London because there is a 10.30 curfew (we had 11.30 finish here). Glasgow will be worse but Manchester the best. When I go to Oslo ........ the sun will still be baking I guess?

Gig wise ........... it was powerful music - hit between the eyes first when they did New Years Day. I love the switch between piano and guitar - Edge doing his tricks.
Miracle Drug was powerful with Bono dedicating the song to his Dad. On the last tour four years ago, his Dad was dying and it was during the European Leg. He travelled every night after the gig to sleep next to his Father in hospital. I was there the gig when his Dad had died. Listen again to that song .....

The concert really kicked for me when they did Sunday Bloody Sunday and the audience of 50 k jumped to the the rhythm ............ he sung a verse of 'Please' in the middle of that as well.

After that the screen came into full power, even though it was only operating on 40% out put, when BULLET hit the emotions .........

My standouts were;
For powerful messages and meaning and life changing purpose - 'One' I won't tell you more.
For rocking the massive stadium - Streets
Musicianship - New Years Day
Visuals - The Fly
My favourite track, has been for so long - 'All because of you - I am'
Sing along - so great to hear the audience singing a prayer - Yahweh

Until the End of the World
Electric Co.
New Year’s Day
Beautiful Day
City of Blinding Lights
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
Love and Peace
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Running to Standstill
Pride in the Name of Love
Where the Streets Have No Name
Zoo Station
The Fly
Mysterious Ways
All Because of You

Now see pix;
Of a blow up doll at the U2 concert -scandal - just not right in that holy place.
Knitting on Eurostar eh?
What happens in the dark @U2