Wednesday, June 02, 2004

........ my friend big John went to see the Master Bruce Cockburn and is allowing me to show you this ......

Went to see Bruce Cockburn on saturday with wifey Jules in Leeds, and a little piece of Heaven, just like greenbelt, descended on us and that town.
Prompted me to say hello again and take a look at your blog and homepage.
Bruce was in absolute top form, i wish we could have gone on sunday to cardiff too, he was doing the warchild benefit gig with your mate martyn.
First song, Lord of the Starfields, into Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Open, then Pacing the Cage.

No words of introduction, no fuss, i swear if i died then i couldnt have been happier.
Tears flowed, a magical baring of the soul brought out by such agonising beauty in his music and in the man.

He wrestled his guitar with a tender struggle, and sang with tones and words that hit like a hundred pound tenderising hammer.

Watch out for a brand new song, called 'Mystery' which he did as an encore, literally still in development, it is real special.

Would be great to see him at Greenbelt this year, heres hoping.

Two great men ...............
meet big John at Greenbelt
Bruce Cockburn at Greenbelt hmmm ..............