Friday, June 04, 2004

me again
howya going?

Me? ....... I like you asking and meaning it.
Sometimes people ask and have walked six steps away from me before I have opened my mouth.

I feel ok. Feel good and a wee tired tonight. Have worked my last day before holiday. Tomorrow is packing and closing down the shop - and convincing Zig that Richard is a great cat-sitter. I am sure he will remember him from last years gig and will strike up some purrfect discussions.
Saturday we gogo.

Back to feelings as I try to dig em out from the tiredness which is not the sleepy kind.
I am a bit 'demob'.
Bit stiff around the neck.
Eyes sore and right eye is bloodshot.
My soul feels good after a dose of BHP's

I am under the influence also of concern for Val who has gone into Barts today for a heart op - and Sue who had a cancer op last week - and Gills Mum in hospital - and Ann under pressure.
If you are a pray-er ............ count this as a request for added energy - a plea - some special heaven to earth yearning. Love that will not let me go .........
Lord have mercy ..........