Tuesday, June 22, 2004

........ promised I would click again after the sunblast and now the freeze back home ............. it is really cold here in the UK - London end ................
got me socks on
me tee on
me shirt on
my umbrella in my bag
a coat in there too ............. and it has been raining most of the day as UK - English end, will know.

The holiday town was like a one street cowboy town running close to the coast. Kardamyli was the place and so beautiful for me and Joan. We loved the quietness and the pace which we could set.
Beautiful waking up in the morning and seeing nothing but the sea from the balcony door - all without rising and opening the eyes proper.
I made a list of simple things ........

yoghurt honey and a banana for breakfast (with coffee)
balcony life
non stop music
the sea view
wake up anytime
- food
- sleep
- walk
- swim
- sun
- shade
- late night cigar Cointreau and Mataxa 5* on the balcony

I did a list of feelings often and they were good. I missed the clickability on the blog because I can understand myself better when I share with you. Better stuff comes out. Deeper. More thoughtful and sharing. Better than the internal churning of the heart.

Now I am am back with people who are distant from a hope of a holiday but - I feel no bitterness and envy from them. Interesting that.
Generous hearts.