Thursday, June 03, 2004

........... tired me.
Us Northerners often say 'me' at the end of a sentence.

Gilles Peterson Radio 1 is on right now and dropping his first 'all winners' of the year so far.
It is always a stonker.
I have years of these programmes on tape but now (te hee) it is pouring into my iMac hard drive and then to my iPod in the morrow.
Holiday grub.
Soul food.
Love it!

Tired me.
Long days and beautiful people.
Sometimes I see some human at a distance and I hate the language and the behaviour. That is the time when it is not easy to like or love.
Tell you the truth - I often don't like or love................................. at first.
Then I move in - or sometimes hang out and they move in. Sometimes being introduced by another is a fab way of gaining some respect/relationship quicker. The pace of early contact is vital. Not too pushy or gentle.
I can honestly say that once I am near to a person and have had some decent interactions - I can not stop the yearning of love. NOT 'for' them - it sounds too condescending - but feel a love with them. If I was repulsed I would struggle to work with people.

Sometimes people are out of their head with legal, or otherwise, medication. I often cannot get close but I still yearn and go out to that BHP and maybe - just maybe, sometimes get through the haze.

If you have been clicking here for sometime you may recall me sharing a difficult to think out a strategy to get the respect of someone with obnoxious behaviour.
Another example is in my memory of visuals in my head and heart, - from a interaction recently - which was evidence to me that there is trust me as an adult - and that is great. The use of that trust by me is sensitive and non-directive methods will remain.
Under the hardness is a bleeding heart and a big soul in need of a hug.
I was really not planning to click all that - that is always the case - I just click and out comes a rolling magazine .........

I am tired me ....................