Tuesday, June 29, 2004

.... AND I WAS OFF -DA-CYBER-LINE YESTERDAY AS THE FESTIVAL hit the city ...... really a small coastal town called Haugesund. We spent the day in town.

My friend Oyvin is one of the chiefs of the festival and at last I made a time to see him. He's so blocked and busy - we met at midnight last night and talked a little. Not much level five.

I have seen more of Pete who is a Swiss Willie Williams. He has his own company and does the gig stuff and tour stuff for bands and others. Good geezer and have enjoyed listening to his stories and some of the artist's he has contact with sound fabfab for Greenbelt .

Here I am back on the workshop trail today and will be dropping online when I can with a recovery cup of coffee.

I am in stretch here. New methods of communication are pumping out. I am using the 'gods football pitch' LARGE. Meaning - I am marking out a big pitch with the masking tape I brought - and using real bodies - theirs .......... so they can display where they are with god. On the pitch were the action is or on the terraces as a spectator. There are othe places to be - one is out side the ground in the pub! Another is in the showers having been battered by this Christian life.

Love it love it.

.................. last night I was in a strange environment for a few hours. A Norwegian organic farm which is run by Hilda and Rudi who I was with when they first kissed(with a little encouragement - they didn't need much!) when we were at a YMCA conference in Dassel Germany some12/15 years ago. Since then there is two children - I guess lots of kissing - and I have nor seen them for 9 years since the last time I was in Haugesund.
The farm overlooks a river which is really the sea ...... and a massive bridge. It was so wow compared with my usual London/urban/romford/concrete scene.
It was fab and beautiful. When you connect with people - real level 5 - you can meet up many years later and wow - back to the same level. Bodies are a little older but the souls are alive .............. hmm ......... the Glory of God is a person fully alive ............