Wednesday, June 30, 2004

....... so here I am at the porto-cabin called Haugesund Airport, Norway.
Clicking offline as I wait in the lounge to depart home and I am ready for it.

I have a Training gig to put together for next week but a gap to give my brain a break. it is APS next week. Association of Professional Staff ...... ymca four home nations. I am doing a 'whole person development session for staff - covering two or three days methinks.

The level five group was due to meet this Saturday for a BBQ but it has had to be pulled due to changes of plan by the 5ers. We have been meeting 24 years this August - 25th next year. We level five together and it is like a life massage. How often can you belong so good, so deep, so long?

It has been great here including the stretch parts. Just spent an hour with Oyvin by the water in a cafe with Norg water and a past salad - with level 5 for starter main course and desert. Had not seen the geezer during the week due to his busy festival lifestyle.
I played my very latest tune which is ringing my bells at the moment.
'Try' by Bugge Weseltoft with another singer Sidsel Endressen (I think it - it is something like this) It is off the new and beautiful 'Jazzanova' album called '...Mixing'
The come out of Berlin and are grand master mixers of their own and others material. This could be my best album of the year. It is the latest buy and I don't think I have raved about it. So that is now done .............. but I will be back - raving soon!

I love Julie Benson who is not my wife.
Joan told me on the 'phone that I have a wee parcel at home awaiting.

I love Julie Benson.

In Norway I have heard lots of music from my iPod. Beautiful; ...Mixing album on repeat AND the Gilles in Brazil twin CD which is growing fast in my soul. Also the six radio programmes I brought with me
One Tong
Two Benji B
Three Gilles Peterson.
I have been going to sleep and waking up with them - all pumping out of my wee portable stereo system.

Got some wondrous glass items for Joan and the Sheilas.

Will post this later when I get home .............. see you soon ....... thanx for clicking here ................