Monday, January 01, 2007

....... I lurve the unexpected ..........

I lurve it when I get an email like this which connects the past to the present ....... and I would like to thank Beef for allowing me to use it on my blog.

Is there anyone who you appreciate and have never told them?
It could be the most wondrous Christmas Present anytime in the next few days ...!
A few clicks can become a blessing ..................

Hi Pip
You don't know me yet I owe you so much.
I first heard you tell me I was a beautiful human at Greenbelt in my teens, and it was so needed.
At the time the majority of people were telling me I was a waste of space, would make nothing of my life and yet your words had the depth to cut through that.

I am now 40 and have been working with young people for the past 15 years who people say are a waste of space, will only end up in prison and the inspiration that I work to is to tell them and demonstrate to them that they are valuable, fantastic that their names deserve to be up in lights etc.
I wanted to write because I believe in thanking people who have had an impact on me and recently discovered your blog and the fact that you are still passionately saying the same.
Thankyou you are amazing and keep on doing what you do so well.

Beef Frankland

......... thanx again Beef ......... appreciate .............