Tuesday, January 16, 2007

...... and I met Caroline in the place with 'an orgasm of yellow Formica' - meaning the New Piccadilly Restaurant just a minute from Piccadilly Circus Tube Station.

She is the beautiful human who invited me to lead a workshop at the 'UK Creativity' day at Greenwich University last year.
It was in co-operation with the Association of Entrepreneurs.

Today we were talking about another joint gig with another three trainers amongst, and for, a group of qualitative researchers. (don't ask me about all that stuff!)
The course is aimed at Senior Researchers and Advertising Planners hey hey.

Caroline is all about Applied Creativity.
That, she briefed me, is all about using creative methods to reach objectives including personal development - hey hey - that's me!!

I lurve being in the New Piccadilly which is a place of innovation - even though it has stood still since the 1950's.
I lurved being with Caroline, all things Level Five - she thrives on it, as do I.

In Aristotilean terms::
"the good leader must have ethos,
The ethos is the moral character, the source of his ability to persuade.
The pathos is the ability to touch feelings, to move people emotionally.
The logos has the ability to give solid reasons for an action, to move people intellectually."

Mortimer Jerome Adler.

Keep tuned to this very place to catch forthcoming news as I enter the stretch zone .........

Will you join me?
and consider
to take on
something that scares you every day?
outside the comfort zone?
where growth resides?

in comfort
in uncomfortable
you are beautiful