Friday, January 26, 2007

The river Rom flows through the Wilson Mansions Estate.
I permitted a 'ford' to be made through the river and some of the Staff have been calling it the 'Rom Ford' ....... and it makes sense to me.

The other side of the river a new hospital has been built on the Wilson Mansions Estate. It cost £200 million pounds and opened in November last year.

I travelled to it today for the first time in the Wilson Mansions multi-seat limo which has two floors ........ it is red and stops lots of times to give the Staff a help on their way. Sometimes -I hardly see a single one of them for a long time and then - two of them seem to come along at once.

Needle in the Eye.
I went to the hospital today to see my eye surgeon. I confessed to him that I think the operation I had in October was not successful. .......... and in went the yellow eye drops ........ numbing the eye ball and surrounding parts.

I didn't look but the needles went in several times in different angles. Then a fluid was pumped in and I was pleased to feel it and taste it at the back of my throat.
"hmmm" he says
"It has worked after all" he says
(and then he repeats the needle exercise to prove it)

It seems that the new channel he had made, through the bone in my nose, and through to my nasal channel, has worked but I need some small operation on my lower eye-lid......... only a local anaesthetic I am pleased to say ................

.............. a bit of a 'nip and tuck' ........:-)