Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am pleased to say I now know these beautiful humans ....... hmmmm

..... here at the Leaning Towers of Pip Wilson dot Com.

And I feel resonably refreshed.

I have just run up and down stairs a few times which is a good sign.

I am dow at my iMac after a week on my Mac Laptop G4.
MistaJam is on my player. He is a new discovery for me. A big HIP-HOP DJ on 1Xtra radio station. He does a 4 hour show in the early hours and I have been recording it for my iPod for a few weeks.

Zig is out playing.
Milky coffee on my right and downloading pix on my left.
I will post some of them during the coming week .................. s ......

In your beautiful imperfection
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