Monday, January 22, 2007

I saw India Arie earlier this year
and it was one of her most powerful performances I have ever seen.

She came out wearing all this jewelry, sunglasses and a big fur like coat and long braided hair.
She looked like Lil' Kim.

Everyone was taken back thinking, wow, she has changed!!

Well, she stopped just as she was about to sing and started laughing and as she stripped her layers of 'costume' off she explained how easy it would be to put up a front and hide behind it all.
She was speaking about being true to herself and not being affected.

It was great.
Then she took off the wig and she was her beautiful bald self and she belted out the song
"I am not my hair"

From my beautiful human friend Julie Benson Julie Benson out in CHICAGO.
The mini review sounds like one of my blogs
and I love India Arie albums ...............
Click piPod:: 'Interlude: Living' to hear her sing .....