Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sonnesyn Mansions here ....

.... I am at the home of the Sonnesyn Family ........ in Norway ...

..... nine hours journey and welcomed with warmth as toast. hmmm

Here the pic 1
Here is a pile of stuff in our kitchen last night.
What is it?
What is it for?

Will tell you soon.

Here pic 2
Flying in and viewing the snow over Oslo hey hey.

pic 3
Anna and Guro
wondrous to see them in their base camp.

pic 4
Oyvin and Gunn-Randi at home.

pic 5
Guro showing me her room ..... we could not speak each others language last time we met - now we can communicate in English ..... how beautiful she is.
The last time we met, in London some 2/3 years ago, I did a little note and gave it to her. She has kept it in her bedroom.
It says::
"Do ar et vakkart maneska"
= "you are a beautiful human person"
in Norwegian!!