Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I spent some time
between daylight hours - between Christmas and New Year ......

I wanted to list my
Forty Favourites

I found it easy with some
tough with others .....

Here is my best - a fumble and a stumble to think .....

My Forty Favourites of the Year - 2006

1 Book:: 'Transactional Analysis for Trainers'.
2 Tears:: At Greenbelt with a beautiful human called Linda. I felt as hopeless as she, due to her situation. Tears x 2.
3 Single Record:: Yellow Daffodils by Malia (Feat. Erik Truffaz) 'Saint-Germain-des-Pres Cafe'
4 Blog:: Awareness
5 Stretching Group:: Working with a group of Young Mothers in Northern Island.
6 Album:: Trentemöller 'The Last Resort' - the toughest decision of all.
7 Food discovery:: Spicy Lentils (send for the recipe)
8 My photo of the year:; Enclosed here/above. I was conducting a workshop at Greenwich University at a gathering organised by The Association of Entrepreneurship
9 DJ .............. J Dilla - he died in 2006 aged 32.
10 Feeling::Placing myself in a vulnerable situation. Feeling it. Accepting it.
11 Own Quote::
does not reside
in a place called

Human Development
does not reside
in a place called

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12 Team:: The Saints - we won everything this last season including the BBC Team of the Year!
13 Team I worked with:: A Team of People Workers, in Northern Island, who I worked with over a six month period. Fantastic experience.
14 Discovered photo of the year:: .... not done yet ....15 Biggest Growing Experience:: With a group of Special Needs Hostel residents - seeing them develop in confidence and make presentations - wondrous.
16 Movie:: Casino Royale - can't remember seeing any other!
17 DVD at home:18 TV Programme:: Friday nights during the Rugby League Season (February-November)
19 Gadget:; iFussion which is my portable music player which is the most wondrous for my Training gigs.
21 Restaurant:: Castello, Parga, Greece
22 Drink::
23 Journey:: walking around London Town with my friend Oyvin
24 Place on Earth:: Sailing into Venice from the sea - seeing the beautiful city emerging ...... from the Kosovan Community in London.
26 Handshake:: Mr Singh. He has the roughest hands I know - he is a Carpenter (I like carpenters!)
27 Breath:: The deep one I asked everyone to take during the Opening Ceremony at Greenbelt.
28 Late Night:: In the Thistle Bar every Greenbelt-night until the early hours - old and new 'level five' friends
29 Band Live:; Michael Franti closing the Greenbelt Festival with a powerful gig from Main-stage
30 Young British Band:: Yungun - Hip-Hop and exciting - see on youtube.
31 Software:: Fission - it allows me to take a radio programme, or any digital music, and slice it up into single trax for my iPod and piPod.
32 Radio DJ:: Gilles Peterson - and he has been for so many years
33 My own publication:: 'You are a Beautiful Human Person' - buy it from me
34 Web Movie:: Dillon's Story
35 Show:: 'The iPod Show' held in the Koha Cafe basement in October.
36 Hip-Hop DJ:: Mr Thing
37 Club:: East side of London:: Cargo
38 Fiction Author:: Lee Child
39 Inspirational Author:: John Powell
40 And yours?::