Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love working with students.
It is a big break from the norm.
But it is still exciting and challenging.
Emotional Literacy was the subject.
Experiential was the methodology.
Motion changes emotion.
Level Five Communication
and I loved it.
Different responses than those from children's homes, prisons, front-line workers and youth workers.
I am back at Kings College in June 2009.

Joan comes home today.
Really glad.
She has been sorting all the things which need to be done after a death.
I feel deeply for her, she has been majestic - and have my own feelings too.
Then we travel back North on Sunday together.
I have a gig on Monday in Leeds so I will travel there and back to St Helens.
That will give us Tuesday to finalise things for the funeral next Wednesday.

I have had to, reluctantly miss out on some courses I had been committed to lead.
I really hate letting humans down. And missing these experiences myself.
But, rightly, there is a clear priority.
I will even have to miss the Friday night Brick Lane curry.
That is a big miss.

We have had some great messages of support and comfort.
Little one liners on Facebook,
cards pushed through the door or via the postman
and emails from around the world.

I feel somewhat fragile and I think my cough has drained me some.
I am on antibiotics from the Doctor - one weeks supply from today.
I was in bed by 11 last night - and I am a 2 am in the morning person.

Understanding feelings is a massive help.
Feeling them, not hiding from them, and managing them.
Feelings, like behaviours, need to be clocked and then ask why the behaviour and why the feelings.
In the case of a death in the family, it could be easy to say 'that is the reason for the fragility'.
But there are multiple feelings which range through love to fear.
I have been thinking much, recently, that there maybe only two real feelings
Love and Fear.
All other feelings are sub-headings under these.
Not developed the thinking but those two words are all around me as I work with those with special needs, students, professional workers and head for a funeral of a loved one.
I will leave that with you to stir your thoughts.

I am fragmented in thoughts and also blogging.
You will understand because we meet at a point of hurt
as well as joy, stretch, journey, love, humour, being and becoming .........
...... don't we?

bBlessed today as we take a deep breath of life together right now ....................