Friday, October 10, 2008

... sometimes tears come on me when I am not expecting them.

I read about how Israeli Troops had stopped a Palestinian man on the way to a violin lesson.
They forced him to play as they laughed.

There has been some negative feedback in the Israeli media;

- not about the 13 year old girl who was shot by the troops and then again with multiple shots to her dead body - with the comments that they would have shot her if she had been 3 years old....

- not negative feed back either when there was a report how a corpse of another Palestinian was desecrated by impaling his head on a pole and placing a cigarette between his lips...

THE UPSET WAS, and I understand, because the treatment of the violinist reminded some sensitive people that very act was used during the holocaust by the Nazi camp commanders.
They had forced Jewish violinists to play for them as they mass murdered other humans in the gas chambers.

That hit me deep.
It is yet another example how humans can slip into injustice to the point of death.
It happened in the build up the the death of Jesus.
I see it in Iraq.
I weep as I read it here.

God bless us and keep us from such terrible behaviour - even unto death ....

I feel like screaming ..........