Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I feel ........
good way to start eh?
I wonder how you are feeling?
I wonder if you really tell anyone?
I wonder if you have feelings and are frightened to go there?
Visit that place - get in touch with those signals?

I wonder if you do
write them down
tell another human
work at feeling them
work at understanding them
work at working them through?
Emotional intelligence
is about::
A:: Clocking those interior feelings - forget about the physical ones for now.
B:: Give every feeling a name. Being emotionally literate is just that.
C:: Treat every feeling as a signal. That is what they are.
D:: Don't CONTROL feelings. MANAGE them.
E:: Use every feeling as a positive. If you don't manage them they will manage you.
F:: When you feel angry, we all do, be cathartic = get rid of it constructively.
G:: When you feel emotional, we all do, share the feelings not the blame-game.
H:: When you meet a range of humans you will meet a range of emotions and response-ability. If you restrict your social circle to 'nice people', meaning pretty much like yourself, you will never become emotionally intelligent.
I:: Grow a group of associates who talk about feelings. Sharing your own but also learning from each other.
J:: Reflect reflect reflect upon the emotions you hold within your soul - at the end of everyday.

I feel ................
this how it started.
I was going to tell you how I feel and now I have forgotten!

I am feeling muddled.
I had other words at the end of my finger tips
but I was distracted thinking of you.
I do that.
I spend so much time on others - I forget about myself
other than feelings because they are always with me.

I feel I have so much personal that
I am out of general focus.
I feel I need to get through the current soup
it is not bad soup
it just needs wading through.

I will say goodnight now -
and check out my soul ................