Saturday, November 30, 2013

A note to me from the heart.

from thur hart 

i wark into thur rum for Pips sesion and 
feel that this is thur onle place to unberdin my heart 
and let uthers now how i am feling deep down inside ov mi hart. 
but ther is a problem, 
i find it hard to comunikate with utters, 
as thur pepil seem to alwaes interrupt or 
start cawling me names like shorty or 
midgit and then i cannot lok into thier faces as i want to cri. 
but i canot kri here or 
mi life wood be made unberible. 
this is thur resin that i find it hard to make frends. 
but i so depiritley want them to no how i am feling 
when thae act like thae do towards me. 
i find it hard enuf to tork let alone rite about what i am feling 
as i am dislexic and when uthers make fun ov me 
i do not fel gud about miself. 
i fel worthlis and not akseptid for hwo i riely am. 
Pip keps teling me that i am a biutifil humin persin 
but it is dificilt to c that when i have this 
in mi face each and every dae! 

Raheelah Al-Abdul-Aziz