Friday, November 29, 2013

I know who I am - do you?

Walked by the water today -
without feeling guilty.
Excited today about a new book in my head.

I am collecting women's tights today,
need about thirty five.
I only have eleven.
Don't get excited,
it's only for a game!

I believe I know who I am.
Do you?

I am not there yet
I am yearning
Yearning to become.

I feel that we all want to be
who we are created to be.
Some of us accept that instant coffee is not the best.
That gives us satisfaction and hope
to be all that we can be
and know that it is about becoming.
That is much more important.

I know who I am and 
that gives me security.
The trouble is, life does not stand still.
I need to become anew.
I need to change on this new roadway.
I cannot be resting securely.
I need to journey on and
become become become.

So I am not here in Smugville -
Telling you I know who I am - 
I do know but, life has moved away - 

I know I am a beautiful human person.
That is a vital stepping stone over the torrents.

I know I am
beautiful imperfection 
it gives me support because I am not alone.
I know that you too
are beautiful imperfection.

Join me on
The Road Less Travelled.